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  • Looking for a painter to paint my bathroom.
  • Need a roof repair job.
  • Would like to take guitar lessons.
  • Need help with social media marketing.
  • Would like a professional cleaner to clean on a schedule.
  • Searching for a Business Consultant to help with marketing campaigns.
  • Need to rebuild a fence on our property.
  • Need a steady landscaping and lawn maintenance contractor.
  • Marketing Specialist needed for startup company.
  • Need a wedding caterer.
  • Really need a personal trainer.
  • Would like to take guitar lessons.

Teresa Fox

Planned a wedding

Shannon Smith

Learned to dance

Derrick Jamison

Found a massage therapist

Paula Jones

Redesigned her kitchen

Nancy Gosman

Learned to play guitar

Phillippe Magne

Moved across town

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